We Are Family Owned And Operated


AA Moore is a family company run by Brad Moore. The AA in AA Moore stands for Ava and Amelia Moore, Daughters of Brad and Julie Moore.

 We are commited to quality service, And we take great pride in our work. We believe that honesty and fairness is the key to happy customers and return buisness.




Free Quote

Free QuoteWe present you with a detailed proposal. Your proposal will be detailed specifically for your project. It will include detailed specifications of how we do the work, as well as line item pricing for each segment of the project. Your proposal will also include estimated prices for items you will be expected to pick out and/or purchase, such as light fixtures or faucet. Our quotes are quotes not estimates, we do the work for the quoted price. Many of our competitors will give an estimated price and increase it as the job progresses. We will not do that.

Comparing Quotes

Comparing QuotesComparing quotes from contractors can be a painful process. We are not always the lowest price, but we believe that when compared apples to apples we are the best value. Here are some tips to help compare quotes.

1.) Rule out messy looking quotes first. If the quote is unorganized, lacks detail or description, hard to read or understand, or just looks bad, then this is a good indication of how this contractor works.

2.) What is included? In order to compare quotes you will need to know what materials the contractor expects you to buy. This should be very clear and easy to understand. Many contractors leave this out so the price looks better.

3.) Check references. A good contractor will offer references for you to call. Write down some questions that are important to you and call two or three.

4.) Always ask for a copy of liability insurance. You would be surprised how many contractors even good ones do not have basic liability insurance. Even the best contractors make mistakes and have accidents. If he is not covered then the liability can and will fall on you.

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